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He whose hands could create

more pleasure than the tightest of holes or the deepest of throats. Those hands that also make women tremble.

Where? I can see you at my prime apartment in Polanco- the most luxurious neighborhood in Mexico City.

When? Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm.

Video Massage 90 Min MAGEX

Watch my video of the MAGEX Massage for Men. 1:30 min that will allow you to see exactly what my massage is all about.

Whether you are straight, bisexual or gay looking for a male to male massage in Mexico City, you will not be able to resist my touch.

Massage Rates

Hybrid 60 min $200 USD, MAGEX 90 min $300 USD

Naked MAGEX $350 USD

Video Trailer for Hybrid Massage 60 min

This video is from June 2019 featuring Traditional Hybrid Non Naked Massage.


My photos were taken in June 2019. I am 24 years old. I come from a well-known family in Mexico City so discretion is one of my core values both for me and my clients. You have 100% discretion and privacy with me.

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About Hybrid Massage

...Your cock and balls are burning...

At the beginning of our session, I use medium pressure to work on your muscles: back, arms, buttocks, legs, chest, shoulders and feet. I will slowly take you to the edge.

Soon, you begin to moan like never before. My hands are touching your cock and balls in ways you would have never imagined. What is happening? You might ask yourself. You are oozing a lot of precum. Your senses are so heightened one finger across your chest feels like sparks of electricity.

You will feel your cum begging to be released. You know you want to be milked. You are about to unload, but I take a step back and I continue to show you my repertoire of techniques. Your cock and balls are burning. You had never felt a desire so strong, so animal, so primeval. A part of you wants so hard to bust your load yet another one is still hungry for more sensations. With my hands I will make you feel more pleasure than the tightest of holes or the deepest of throats. Your heart is beating faster and faster, and when the music stops, your cock twitches for a last time until you burst spurt after spurt. You sigh and feel like if you were floating in the air, completely free.

MAGEX Massage 90 min

The only difference with the Hybrid is that I include body to body massage. We have 30 minutes extra. It is more sensual and I also get more time to work on every muscle. This is a must for the one that wants more body work and erotism. There are so many muscles and spots to work on.

No Sex Policy

I do not offer any kind of sex neither oral nor anal with male clients. Female clients have their own section in this website and I do not offer sex with them as well neither oral, vaginal or anal. I know how to take the heat to a 1000 degrees without crossing the line.

No Discrimination Policy

I do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, body composition, religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc. Any person deserves a massage and a warm and professional treatment. I love giving massages and providing a great time to a customer.

Would you like to pay with Credit Card?

I am offering both the chance to pay with cash or card or Paypal. For cards I use a mexican mobile card terminal equivalent to the US Square. I also accept payments through Paypal.

Incalls and Outcalls

I live in a residential building in Polanco. I mostly do incalls. However, if you want an outcall just request it. I will need an address and a time and I will give you a quote. In my apartment I will provide you with a fresh towel, fragrance free soap, shampoo, etc.


Make a reservation

Booking your session today has never been as easy. You can text or send a WhatsApp or call. From 8 30 am to 22:30 pm

For last minute appointments, contact through WhatsApp. Great Shower available. Disposable sheets and face pads. Liquid soap and fresh towels.